MineTan Micellar Tan Water Foaming Pre Shower Self Tan


The magic of micellar water meets self tan with this incredibly hydrating pre-shower 10 minute self tan. Micellar Water works to draw out impurities from your skin, so your self tan can develop faster, while leaving your skin with a glowing, sun kissed skin finish. Working with avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and grape seed oil, our Micellar Tan Water Pre Shower Foaming Self Tan gives your skin an unparalleled hydrated, conditioning finish. All to make your tan look more natural and last longer… Micellar Water helps activate your tan faster than ever before... in as little as 10 minutes. Leave on for longer for deeper, darker results.

Micellar Tan Water Foaming Pre Shower Self Tan suits all skin types and tones wanting a fast acting tan with a glowing, sun kissed skin finish.

For a streak-free self tan

  • Apply to clean, dry skin using our Bronze On Applicator Mitt
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Shower in lukewarm water only for 45 seconds. Do not use soaps or scrubs.
  • Following your first shower your tan will continue to deepen in color over the next 24 hours. Regular showering may be taken 8-16 hours after application.
    For optimum self tanning results, apply after using our Micellar Water Cleanser & Primer and then follow with our Micellar Tan Water Everyday Glow to maintain and extend the life of your tan.